Available June 15, 2015

"Dr. McFarland told us we were the only ones who could cure the unfortunates under our care. Our benevolent kindness would lead them to sanity. At first I believed him, but it was not long before I learned of unspeakable acts committed on those lost souls."
For Their Own Good
For Their Own Good

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The Truth Behind For Their Own Good

While researching For Their Own Good I learned quite a bit about asylums and their treatment of the mentally ill. Did you know a person could be committed in the nineteenth century for religious excitement or politics? Take a look at my article at http://litvote.com/the-truth-behind-for-their-own-good/ to learn more.

Getting It Right

For Their Own Good takes place in 1857 Jacksonville, Illinois. My characters traveled in wagons and read under gas lights, but the lack of modern conveniences was not the only difference between the times. Phrases, words, and even gestures were different, too. I did my best to get the facts right about the era, but historical correctness alone is [...] Read more

The Women and the Doctor

When I began to think about writing For Their Own Good I wanted to tell the story of four women committed to a 19th century insane asylum in what was then the American West. My characters did not fit into the roles pre-Civil War society had for them—Mrs. Packard disagreed with her husband’s religious beliefs, Mrs. Jenkins strove to rescue an abused [...] Read more

Road to Jacksonville

Many people ask me how I came to write For Their Own Good. I mean, who remembers or cares about the plight of nineteenth century women in an asylum located on the edge of a small Midwestern town? An attempt to verify an old family rumor started everything. I had always heard my grandmother was committed to the Illinois State Hospital for the Insane [...] Read more

For Their Own Good

The following is a shortened version of a piece published in The Florida Writer, Spring, 2013. It is from my work-in-progress, For Their Own Good. It was 1857—a year in an era of optimism and change in America. Most believed fortune, recognition, even divine purpose were all attainable for a young man willing to uproot himself and travel across the [...] Read more

Partners in My Head

There are three girls living in my head. Some say they aren’t real. But I believe in them. They are young, chatty, and usually dress like characters in my latest work. Today they wear white dresses with blue ribbons in their hair, as if they are daughters of the 19th century women in my novel-in-progress, For Their Own Good. It didn’t take me long [...] Read more